How To Become A Licensed House Painter

Do you know that the yearly income a professional house painter makes ranges from around $30,000 to $50,000? If you are wondering why a lot of people want to become professional house painters, wonder no more because here is your answer. The money they make is more than half of the average income of median households. So what does professional industrial painters and home painters do and why do they make so much money out o fit?

Well, if you are a professional painter you are responsible for painting commercial buildings and residential buildings. Aside from that you are also responsible for painting locks, storage tanks, structural steel and the exterior and interior of homes. But just because you know how to use a paint brush and a roller doesn’t mean you can just paint any house or any building that needs painting. Most states require that you obtain a painter’s license before you can officially start working.

How then can you do that?

Firstly you must decide on your area of specialization, this means you need to choose whether you are going to concentrate on painting interiors or exteriors or sometimes, some people choose both. If you choose the former then you need to know the different types of interior finishes as well as ceilings and you must know how to take care of pieces of equipment in different rooms. Meanwhile, if you choose the latter, and choose to focus on exterior painting, then you need have knowledge on external surfaces. You also need to know about wall dusting and cleaning as well as knowledge about protecting outdoor surfaces from environmental factors such as extreme heat and rain. Once you make up your mind, gather the specific tools and equipment needed to do the job.


Secondly, you can apply for the coveted license from the state’s office. You can check out regulations under contracting and construction. You will then be asked to take an exam to test your skills in painting. When you pass the exam the state will provide you with a license but this comes with a fee. The amount you will pay will depend on the state you are in because they charge different amounts for different states.


Thirdly, make sure that all your tools including yourself are insured from damage. A painter’s job is risky especially if you are going to paint high-rise buildings. As a wise professional, you really need to make this a priority especially your tools because tools can be quite expensive. The insurance you choose should protect you from any accidents that may happen during your working hours. You should also consider taking a cover to protect your customer’s property just in case you damage it while you are painting.


To get your first job you can either post your name on social media sites and directories or you can join a construction business that hires professional and licensed painters. The advantage of working in a construction firm is that you get to learn a lot of things especially when it comes to negotiating contracts and pricing.

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