Student Opportunities to Build Abroad


You might take for granted that you have a home to go to at night with a comfortable bed, spacious bathroom, and great kitchen to cook in. You also might take for granted that you go to a school with heating and air conditioning, proper walls, roof, and seating. Many around the world don’t have that luxury. A lot of poorer countries don’t have the funds or skills necessary to build proper homes and schools. Here is where you can contribute.

There are a lot of organizations and charities in poorer countries that are in dire need of skilled workers like builders and painters to help volunteer in training and building of homes and schools. If you have some months off trade or building school, volunteering to train and build in countries of need would be a great way to spend those vacation days. You might not think it fun to spend your vacation days in this manner, but once you try it, you might get hooked. Here are the reasons why you should try volunteering in this way:

You’ll see tangible results right away

Instead of giving money to charity, volunteering in building abroad is a way of charitable giving that is very satisfying, and results of the giving can be seen right away. You’ll be able to teach skills to the locals as well which they can continue to use even after you’re long gone.

Contributes to Society

Use your skills wisely to help others in need. Training on the job will help the locals learn important skills that they can use to build more homes and schools when the volunteers are not there. They can get jobs or start their own building companies after learning and practicing their skills under your supervision.

Think Outside the Box

You’re not only giving your experience and training, you’ll learn a lot too about different solutions to unique construction problems that come up. There is only a limited supply of certain building materials and you’ll find that the quality of some of the building supplies available are not up to standard with where you’re from. You’ll learn to work with what you’ve got and work with people of different backgrounds. The experience will help you to be more open-minded and cooperative with others for the accomplishment of common construction goals.

Looks Great on a Resume

If you’re looking to find a job in a company like in this Website, they’re probably more likely to hire people with experience in the industry and having gained that experience by helping others shows you really care about people. That is a quality which is highly attractive to all companies.

Great Feeling of Personal Accomplishment

You’ll have awesome memories and you’ll leave happy knowing you’ve contributed to other people’s comfort and happiness.

Unique and Useful Experiences

You’ll meet and make friends with the locals you’re doing the job for and other like-minded volunteers like you. You can learn different skills and tricks of the trade from the locals and other volunteers.

You Can Still Have a Vacation

There will also be some off days during your volunteer times. The off days can be spent exploring the country or spending quality times with your new local or international friends.

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